Abbey Harris Mural Fund Awards

The E A Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting in Great Britain
The E Vincent Harris Fund for Mural Decoration

Artists and Projects supported in the past include:

Norman Adams, Edward Bawden, David Bratby, Stefan Knapp, Victor Pasmore, Tom Phillips, Leonard Rosomon and Bridget Riley.

Works made possible by the funds can be found in many places throughout the country including Lincoln Cathedral, York Minster and many churches, hospitals, schools, universities, theatres, civic centres, sports centres and open spaces.

Past Awards

2021 Bryony Benge-Abbott for a Walter Crane inspired 24.4 x 8 metre mural painted directly onto the tarmac of a pedestrianised area of London's Caledonian Rd, creating a decorative "carpet". VIEW
2019 Coexist Community Kitchen, Bristol work to promote social inclusion, running cookery classes and events for marginalised people and groups. Grant made to mural artist Molly Hawkins. VIEW
2018 MK Gallery for the City Club project, a mural on the exterior of the gallery by Nils Norman and Gareth Jones. VIEW
2015 Pallant House for a site specific mural installation by Lothar Götz. VIEW
2014 Vital Arts for a Mural by Stephen Smith in the newly opened dental department of the Royal London Hospital for children with special needs. VIEW
2013 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham for three contrasting temporary mural compositions by David Tremlett filling the second floor exhibition spaces from 4 December 2013 – 21 April 2014. VIEW
2011 Arts Lights London for a wall-based light installation "Basketball" (part of a wider project entitled Kids Draw Games) at St Mary's Paddington by Ron Haselden. VIEW
2010 Pallant House Gallery, Chichester for a mural work by Spencer Finch. VIEW
2009 Vital Arts to support a mural by Oona Culley for the new radiotherapy department at Bart's Hospital. VIEW
2008 Milton Keynes Gallery for a temporary mural by Richard Woods. VIEW
2006 Pallant House Gallery, Chichester for a mural in mussel shells by Susie MacMurray. VIEW
2005 Sara Manzotti for a mural in the children's outpatients corridor at King's College Hospital, London.
2004 James Aldridge for a mural in the new breast cancer wing at Bart's Hospital.
Rose Finn-Kelcey for a mural at St Paul's Church Bow Common. VIEW
2003 Bernice Donszelman for a mural at the Royal London Hospital.
Katharina Grosse for a huge temporary mural on the outside walls of the Civic Library in Birmingham. VIEW

Images of awards prior to 2006 are archived in the Library of the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House.