Abbey Harris Mural Fund Past Awards 2004

2004 Rose Finn-Kelcey

Finn-Kelcey's work was part of the Art and Sacred Places 2003/4 Programme when three artists were invited to make new works for three major churches in the south of England. Rose Finn Kelcey developed ‘Angel’ as a response to the minimal architecture of the 1960s built church, situated at a busy crossroads in Bow. She used shimmer discs, of the kind normally used in billboards or theatre signs, to create a sparkling wall that illuminated at night with the emoticon of an ‘angel’.

When the wall was taken down after 6 months, people talked about how it had affected the area:

"She understood the community, took us as we are and respected us."
"They didn't just accept it, they were proud of it."
"There was grieving when it was taken down."
"That road became a sacred place."
"So much angel dust came off it. The whole process was a spiritual one.” (from the obituary of Rose Finn-Kelcey, who died in 2014).

Rose Finn-Kelcey