About Abbey

Edwin Austin Abbey RA (Ned Abbey) was an American artist who spent most of his working life in England and played an important role in the founding of the British School in the early years of the 20th century.

He was a successful artist, illustrator and mural painter and was particularly interested in the relationship between mural decoration and architecture.

When he died in 1911 his widow, Gertrude Abbey, provided funds in his memory to build the seven studio-apartments - now splendidly modernised - which all resident artists have used ever since.

The Incorporated E A Abbey Memorial Scholarships (the Abbey Awards) were founded by Gertrude Abbey in 1926, to enable British and American painters to pursue their artistic practices. Since then, there has been a tradition that recipients of Abbey funding – Scholars and, more recently, Fellows - spend time working in the studios at the British School at Rome and there has been an Abbey Scholar at the BSR almost without interruption up to the present day. The Abbey Fellowships (formerly awards) were established in their present form in 1990.

E.A Abbey RA

An Abbey residency at the British School is an unique opportunity for painters to get away from the pressures of their everyday lives and work without interruption, with the added charm of living in and becoming familiar with the most fascinating city of the ancient and modern world.

The Abbey Council

Chair: Vanessa Jackson
Vice-Chair: Bernice Donszelmann
Administrator: Megan Watkins

Board Members

Peter Brades Paul Huxley RA
Sacha Craddock Danny Rolph
Andrew Stahl Martin Westwood
Susannah Hyman Eddie Peake
Anne Ryan Catrin Huber