About Abbey Harris and How to Apply

The E A Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting in Great Britain
The E Vincent Harris Fund for Mural Decoration

Abbey Harris Mural Fund

The EA Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting in Great Britain and The E Vincent Harris Fund for Mural Decoration makes grants to artists who have been commissioned to create murals in public places.

A list of past awards is available here.

These two funds are vested in the Royal Academy of Arts and since 1970 have been administered by the Incorporated Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Scholarships (Abbey Awards). Awards are made by The Abbey Harris Mural Fund Committee which consists of members of the Abbey Council. Committee members are Peter Brades (Chair), Vanessa Jackson, Sacha Craddock, Bernice Donszelmann and Paul Huxley.

Application Guidelines

The Abbey Harris Mural Fund Trustees invite applications all year round to its small grants fund. The grant is an award of up to £3,000. The fund supports the production of murals in public places throughout the United Kingdom.

A mural is understood to mean site-specific works on walls, including vinyl, relief, sculpture sculptural work and projections/light works as well as painting.

Permanent and temporary artworks are eligible. A public space includes museums, galleries, hospital trusts, community spaces, churches, universities, libraries.

Artists who have been commissioned by an institution may apply directly, or the institution may apply on their behalf.

When considering proposals the Trustees review:

  • artistic quality
  • potential to benefit the wider public
  • financial need and viability

Application Materials

  1. A letter explaining the project
  2. Plans and sketches/drawings for the proposed work
  3. Images of your/the proposed artist's work
  4. Images of the place where it is to be placed
  5. A fully budgeted funding request

Please email the application letter and accompanying materials to contact@abbey.org.uk.

Please make sure your submission complies with the conditions outlined above.