Award Holders 2015/16

David Ryan

Abbey Fellow 2015/16

David Ryan’s paintings have, for some years, operated as ‘pictures within pictures’. He wants to look at the Etruscan wall paintings in the Villa Giulia, the pre and post-World War ll Italian abstraction in the National Museum of Modern Art, and investigate the complex spaces of Baroque and Mannerist painting (in the Gesu church and the Pozzi corridor and murals). David’s research in Rome will be led by his interest in Freud’s idea of Rome as the archetypal palimpsest, Hubert Damisch’s Theory of Cloud (which explores the spatiality of Italian Baroque ceilings), the calligraphy of Chinese painting and Gilles Deleuze’s notion of painting as a ‘block of space-time’. He hopes to produce a set of works that ‘think through’ some of the formal issues he will be researching.