Award Holders 2016/17

Maria de Lima

Abbey Fellow 2016/17

The residency at the BSR has been an incredible experience both on a professional and personal level. It was a serendipitous occasion to find myself surrounded by five other painters when I was looking to focus on the painterly aspect of my own practice. The extensive conversations around colour and line, the daily practice of painting and ideas of what position painting occupies today were invigorating and thought provoking.

Having three months to concentrate on making new works in the studio allowed me to develop strategies around using painting to create a ‘script’. The desire being to orchestrate images into setting the scene of a possible narrative, with each painting linked to the next and building up a larger suite of paintings that exist as a single body of work.

The space and time afforded by the BSR also allowed for those moments of idleness in the studio that are incredibly fruitful to any creative practice. Photographs taken in the studio with no particular end result in mind have become an archive that will be part of a short film I am producing now. Ideas encountered during a tour of the Forum organised by the BSR have sparked off an interest into the notion of excavation that I’ll be working with in future projects.

As well as the privilege of uninterrupted studio time, the opportunity to encounter great works of art in the flesh was so important in moving my ideas forwards. Seeing Morandi’s paintings in Bologna had a profound impact on me, giving me plenty to think about both in terms of his highly formalised compositions and his exploration of the perceptual field.