Award Holders 2018/19

Karin Ruggaber

Abbey Fellow 2018/19

I am interested in ornamentation and translating imaginary and internal states into sculptural form - how gesture and the hand-made relate to architectural imagination and scale. I am particularly fascinated by the use of animal motifs on Rome’s wall and columns, its use in sculpture, pictorial battle scenes and the mythology of the city itself. With this in mind I would like to study the work of anthropologist Ernesto de Martino- his ideas on the animalistic in belief, mythology and superstition; I would like to deepen my understanding of Renaissance techniques, such as the cast of reptiles in the Della Robia ceramics, and Hellenistic relief sculpture.

Relief (128), Façade, Deptford Lounge

Relief (60), detail of installation, Swiss Church

Relief (90), concrete, plaster, pigments, spray paint, bark