Award Holders 2018/19

Simon Callery

Abbey Fellow 2018/19

My project will trace the development of painting in Italy from pre-history to Renaissance with a specific focus on the shifting relationship between image and material. The search for a balance between the physical and the visual in painting is critical to help me in my ambition to develop new functions for my work. I want to look back to Etruscan, Roman and Byzantine painting, and painted objects, to grasp what can be gained and what is lost in the fluctuating equation of materiality and imagery. Studio-based works will be experimental and made in direct response to the research trips.

Flat Painting Ferrous, 2015
Distemper, canvas, thread, pencil, wood and aluminium

Wallspine (Leaf), 2015
Distemper, canvas, thread, pencil and aluminium

Aluminium Flat Painting, 2017
Distemper, aluminium, canvas, thread, pencil

Undercut Yellow Wallspine, 2017
Distemper, canvas, thread, pencil and wood supports