Award Holders 2019/20

Eleni Odysseos

Abbey Fellow 2019/20

The three months of the fellowship at the British School at Rome will be the ideal time to develop my most recent explorations of the self in an environment of political chaos, distrust and ecological destruction. I will think about the pressing climate-change conversations through a non-binary understanding of feminism, one that is forced to face ecological catastrophes in a society of constant “crisis”, “alert” and rising right-wing nationalism. I am interested in exploring ways of working together, and therefore the program at the British School at Rome with its strong focus on Archaeological research projects will be the ideal site for me to explore these concerns further by looking into cultures of the past, and alternative ways of living. I am excited to interact with scholars and other researchers and artists, to converse about current political affairs and to think about those in response to different cultural frameworks and societal structures.