Award Holders 2020/21

Amber Doe

Abbey Fellow 2020/21

My first large scale studio project was called Self portrait -- it is a large sculpture consisting of unraveled cotton rope and large metal hoops. The general shape is that of a long skirt and the material is cotton because I am descended from people who were once considered a cash crop just like cotton and tobacco. In my research into Rome, I have focused on early slavery. I am anxious to discover personal connections and inspiration from Rome and to begin my city research by going to see slave boy sleeping by Anonymous at the Museo Nazionale Romano.

Estampita, 2015, 7.62 x 10.16, paper (part of installation/performance called "I want you: portraits of my mother")

Self Portrait, 2019, 155 x 86, cotton, metal

American flag, 2019, 62 x 105, fabric, shells, thread