Award Holders 2021/22

Heloise Delegue

Abbey Fellow 2021/22

Recently, I have been exploring the idea of artificiality in relationship to language. I look at words and their delivery as ornamental and as a way to perpetuate very subtle forms of violence. I believe it is essential to give humans the opportunity to ‘realize themselves’ or ‘become’ through alternatives to a patriarchal, capitalist and productivist tradition. I'm particularly interested in the contemporary myth of success, failure, victory and defeat. I would love to go to Rome to be able to look at their ancient pictorial forms such as battle scenes or illusions in ornaments. I will examine hand gestures, animal symbolism in ancient frescoes and ceramic objects. I am particularly interested in the sites that relate to the ideas and characteristics of the palimpsest such as Santa Cecilia in Trastevere and I will also research the Fresco of the Tablinum of the House of Livia (Palatine Hill), Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (Fasti Antiates Maiores & Galerie 2 dedicated to imperial cult) and the Hall of Glory at Villa d’Este.