Award Holders 2022/23

Luke Burton

Abbey Fellow 2022/23

During my three months at the BSR, I intend to make a series of paintings that would develop the more ‘mannerist’ approaches to form and style seen in my previous work, alongside passages of abstract, geometric patterning and more precise, ‘realist’ figurative images based on observational techniques. I would like to look at traditions of geometric forms that can be found in medieval churches across Rome in the ‘Cosmatesque’ Style with the aim of asking how these vast mosaiced floors and architectural interventions contribute to an expanded sense of painting’s possibilities, its relation to painting’s scale, and how abstract form assimilates or circumvents symbolic meaning. My time in Rome will be a unique opportunity to research how these different modes may be dialled up, synthesised or left in awkward discord in my own paintings. I think of Rome as a city which is full of these stylistic complexities and potential contradictions – the historical, modern and contemporary aesthetic traditions sitting contingently together in passages of the urban landscape, sometimes coherently, sometimes disjunctively.

Banana and Pair convention in BURTON, Ornamental Void, Oil and acryclic on paper

Installation shot, Gallery wong, Seoul